What you'll get when you work with me:

I'm all about the non-traditional. The unplanned. The spontaneous + adventurous. The ‘holy shit, I love you’ feeling. I want to be there for all the big moments, but also all the really subtle + quiet in-between moments—the moments that you forget even happened, because the day went by so fast, and you were caught up in the joy. My hope is that my couples will walk away with memories that will bring them that same joy for years + years to come. Remembering a day where you strolled through the woods, hand-in-hand, laughing because the wind is crazily blowing your hair in your face, and smiling the most genuine smile as you look up at your partner because you know you luhhh them right then and there. Your love isn’t just any ol’ love, it’s completely unique, and I want to capture that.




I'm Nicole Caliva, a photographer and designer with a midwest mind and a heart for adventure. I say midwest, because I grew up in small-town Wisconsin, but was always in search of more — more seeing, more doing, and more living. It didn't take long after graduating college for me to realize that the mountains were calling my name, and I'm happy to have called Colorado home for 4 years.

I've been a creator for as long as I can remember, but was given my first DSLR camera when I was 16. Since then, photography has continued to be an aid to my creative journey — I earned my fine art degree focusing on graphic design, but always managed to keep my photography at the front of the line in every project I could, dreaming up imaginary fashion editorials, and wishing it could all be real one day. At some point, I started to realize that photography has been and always will be one of the stronger passions in my life. So it only made sense to take it on as an aid in telling other people’s stories.

Along with capturing moments, I have a major passion for travel. I grew up seeing a lot of amazing places with family, so I guess you could say it’s pretty instilled in me. By car, by plane, by train—I love stepping out of my comfort zone to explore new territories. When I’m not working from home, snuggled up with my puppy, Ruby, you can find me posted up in a coffee shop somewhere (with an almond milk latté, heyyy), finding an awesome happy hour in Denver, visiting my favorite small shops, or hitting a trail with my guy + dog. I am married to and in love with my high school sweetheart, pinot noir is my love language, I'm super short (5'2" to be exact—you'll see me on my tip toes A LOT while shooting), and I want to travel to all 58 National Parks in my lifetime! (*coughcough* elopements in national parks are amazinggg)




Although my home is Denver, traveling is part of what sets me free. I’m always looking to expand my travels, so if you need me to come to you, let’s chat about it! And if I am already heading to your neck of the woods, I’ll likely give you a discount on a session or your wedding. Let’s go places together.


2019 travel dates


travel wishlist


+ berlin, germany

february 5th-8th ╳  contact for session availability

+ sedona, az

february 28th-march 5th ╳ contact for session availability

+ guerneville, ca

april 11th-15th ╳  contact for session availability

+ denver, co

may 30th-june 2nd ╳  contact for session availability

+ denver, co

october 4th-6th ╳  contact for session availability

+ denver, co

october 26th-28th ╳  contact for session availability

+ Seattle, WA

december 2nd-4th ╳  contact for session availability


these are places I’m already headed to, meaning no travel fees required!
let’s meet up and get you some rad photos!!


+ yosemite national park

+ joshua tree national park

+ palm springs

+ british columbia

+ utah

+ antelope canyon

+ oregon

+ washington

+ iceland

+ norway

If any of these spots speak to you too—let's. do. it.
Contact me for special rates!