Summer Wisconsin Mini Family Session

It’s not very often that I do family sessions…but let me just give a little background here:

Molly + Dustin were the first couple to hire me as their photographer back in 2013. I was very young, still in college, and couldn’t believe that they trusted me with such a huge responsibility. Up until that point, I knew my way around a camera, but really only took ‘artistic’ photography (or at least that’s how you think you’re approaching everything when you’re an art student). This was the first opportunity for me to really tell a story with my camera.

I did their engagements at a nearby trail at Kettle Morraine, and their freaking adorable DIY backyard wedding in Wisconsin. To this day, I look back at those photos and think…what the hell Nicole. lol, But at the same time, I see them and think, DAMN GIRL, you have worked and come a long way. Molly and Dustin have always been one of the most thoughtful couples ever, they continuously thanked me for their wedding photos, and how much they appreciated them.

Flash forward to 2018, with two little babes later, and they reached out to me to do a family session—how could I ever refuse! In a way, I owe them so much for giving me that first opportunity. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and being able to come full circle and do this for them again at a different stage in their lives, and in mine, felt incredible.

Scroll through to see their backyard summer family session!

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